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Featured Products
Matte Aluminum Composite Panel Image
Matte Aluminum Composite Panel
Colorful aluminum composite panel for wall decoration
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Glossy Aluminum Composite Panel Image
Glossy Aluminum Composite Panel
Colorful aluminum composite panel for wall decoration
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Brush Aluminum Composite Panel Image
Brush Aluminum Composite Panel
Anti-scratch brushed aluminum composite
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Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel Image
Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel
High quality fire resistance aluminum composite panel for exterior
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Other Products
Marble Aluminum Composite Panel Image
Marble Aluminum Composite Panel
$6 - $15
Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel Image
Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel
$6 - $15
Pearl Aluminum Composite Panel Image
Pearl Aluminum Composite Panel
$6 - $15
Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel Image
Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel
$6 - $15
About Company Image
Jiangsu Kingertai New Material Technology Co., Ltd
Our company which was established in october,1998 covers an area of 18,000 square meters. We mainly produces high-quality aluminum composite panels with independent factory whose annual output can reach 5 million square meters and accordingly the value for the output can reach 2 billion RMB. We has introduced two foreign advanced technology production lines to customize aluminum composite panels of various specifications for customers.We would like to meet our customers and friends in every corner of the world who are interested to work with us for providing innovative quality panels to the ever changing market.
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Jiangsu, China
No of employees
Year Established
Business Type
Manufacturer, Marketing,Trading
Factory size
3000 sq mt
Average Annual Revenue
$10M - $20M
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